Saturday, October 15, 2022

383. Holy Week Hymn

This is a multi-use hymn (one opening stanza, three different "stanza 2s") for services that might (however unlikely) take place on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after Passion Sunday (a.k.a. Palm Sunday); I've already written hymns for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday in this hymnal project. The lectionary at the front of LSB has the propers for these services, but the online PDF of the coming church year's lectionary omits them; you may judge from that how seriously anyone takes the idea of having a service every day of Holy Week (although I did it once, when I was a serving pastor; not following this lectionary, however).

The lessons for Holy Monday are Isaiah 50:5-10, Hebrews 9:11-15 and either Matthew 26:1-27:66 (pretty much the Passion according to Matthew) or John 12:1-23. For Tuesday, the lessons are Isaiah 49:1-7, 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 (with the option of 26-31) and either Mark 14:1-15:47 (the Mark Passion) or John 12:23-50. The lessons for Wednesday are Isaiah 62:11-63:7, Romans 5:6-11 and Luke 22:1-23:56 (the Luke Passion) or John 13:16-38. The tune is JESU ÄR MIN VÄN DEN BÄSTE by Gustaf Düben (†1730), which the American Lutheran Hymnal used for two hymns ("Come, O Jesus, and prepare me" and "Hail, Thou Source of every blessing") and that SBH paired with "Hark! The voice of Jesus crying."

Who are we, that would see Jesus?
His blood breached the sacred veil;
Rather might His notice seize us,
Pierce us as His palm the nail!
Knowing that His Passion frees us,
We see but a figure frail,
While in truth our Savior sees us
With a love that cannot fail.

(Holy Monday)
Once for all, sin's warfare quelling,
Christ came, not with blood of beast,
But His own, all priests excelling,
To the inmost shrine and high'st.
If bulls' blood and goats' are telling,
How much more the blood of Christ:
Pure yet for the impure welling,
In the Spirit sacrificed!

(Holy Tuesday)
Lo, the host in heaven dwelling
By this message is increased,
Though those chosen for its telling
Seem of intellect the least.
For God's foolishness is felling
Fortresses from east to west,
Jesus' cross the forces swelling
Reason's ramparts to invest.

(Holy Wednesday)
Jesus knew who would betray Him
And by whom He'd be denied;
Trusted God to glorify Him
Even while in shame He died.
Since His blood is justifying,
Let us in His wounds abide:
Hell and death could not destroy Him,
No more those who in Him hide.

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