Thursday, April 14, 2022

319. Maundy Thursday Hymn

I had time to blow in the wee hours, and this came out of it. I hope it proves useful and edifying to somebody. I have no particular tune in mind but I'm sure there is no shortage of appropriate candidates.
O Christ, our Teacher and our Lord,
How wondrously at festal board
You girded up and stooped to serve
With godly love and manly nerve!

You stooped to show how it is meet
That God should wash the sinner's feet,
And that the Fairest and the Best
Lay all aside to greet His guest.

You preached and prayed and coined a new
Passover custom filled with You:
In willing agony arrayed,
Unto Your enemies betrayed.

With Your pure flesh, let us devour
The strength to meet temptation's hour,
And with the blood shed for our sin
Enliven us and live within.

A righteousness let us imbibe
Exceeding Pharisee or scribe;
So cleanse our way that we anew
May trace the footprints left by You.

Thus, serving all and ruling none,
God grant that we indeed be one
Till, cleansed by resurrecting grace,
We worship prone before Your face.

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