Sunday, October 16, 2022

386. Ascension Hymn

Yes, I wrote an Ascension hymn before. But this one goes to the "hymns for the LSB 3-year lectionary" project, so I'm doing it anyway. The lessons are Acts 1:1-11, Ephesians 1:15-23 and Luke 24:44-53. The tune is BIS WILLKOMMEN by Johann Christian Kittel (1790), which Ev. Lutheran Hymn-Book pairs with "In His temple now behold Him" and The Lutheran Hymnal with "Judge eternal, throned in splendor."

Look! The Victim resurrected
From the dead, no more to die,
Now as Victor is perfected,
Raised to take His seat on high.
Nonetheless, be not dejected;
Seek Him not in distant sky.

Once on earth our Lord alighted
And through birth our nature donned.
God with man is now united,
Christ Himself the steadfast bond.
Be we by the foe indicted,
He is certain to respond.

Blood of our blood now is seated
At God's right, and bone of bone;
That all justice is completed
He bears witness at the throne.
Satan of his prey is cheated;
All our cares to God are known.

Meanwhile, He has given teachers
Who bring us His living voice,
Through the sacraments and scriptures
Working out in us His choice
Till the farthest land it reaches
And the very stars rejoice.

See, beloved? Even hidden,
Christ has left you not alone.
Though you feel abandoned, chidden,
He indeed hears every groan.
Wait till upward you are bidden,
When His presence will be shown.

Cling till then to what He gives you;
Seek Him in His means of grace.
Listen when His word forgives you,
Though one speaks it in His place.
Trust, while Satan sifts and sieves You,
For Christ represents Your case.

Christ went up, beheld by many,
O'er all things to claim the crown;
Fills all things, that hardly any
Depth remains for you to drown,
But He will be there; and when He
Comes, all eyes will see Him down.

Christ went up, and just as plainly
Will come down to call us home,
Though this generation vainly
Seeks Him in the cosmic dome.
Till then, let all saints unfeignedly
Worship Him and bid Him, "Come!"

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