Thursday, October 20, 2022

394. Epiphany 1 (Series B)

The lessons for this service, a.k.a. the Baptism of Our Lord, are Genesis 1:1-5, Romans 6:1-11 and Mark 1:4-11. The tune is THEOPHILUS by Jeremiah F. Ohl (1885), which the Common Service Book paired with "One there is above all others."

John baptized indeed with water,
Preaching at the Jordan's bank.
Yet, he said, One would come after,
Greater both in might and rank,
Who in Spirit would baptize,
Pleasing in the Father's eyes.

That same Dove, once overflying
Water when the world began,
Flew to Jesus, signifying
His role in salvation's plan:
From Christ's baptism down to ours,
Pardon, faith and life He pours.

From sin's grip we have been winkled,
As a pearl from oyster shell,
When with Christ the Spirit sprinkled
Us, and prised us free from hell.
In His lifeblood we were purged;
Through His death to life emerged.

Death has no more claim upon Him,
Nor on us who live in Him.
Therefore, in repentance don Him;
In His Spirit daily swim:
From the cords of sin released,
Fitted for Christ's marriage feast.

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