Saturday, October 1, 2022

362. Proper 14 (Series A)

The readings for the Sunday between Aug. 7 and 13 are Job 38:4-18, Romans 10:5-17 and Matthew 14:22-33, all of which I use to some extent in this hymn. The tune is PRINCESS EUGENIE, a haunting Norwegian folk melody to which TCH, LBW, CWALH and ELHy all set the hymn "My heart is longing to praise my Savior." Again, I've adapted it somewhat from the form in which I found it, moving some barlines around to reflect the pattern of accents I hear in it.

Lord, if You called, I could walk upon waves,
Weak though my faith is, apt my steps to slip;
But Your word does what it says; Your word saves,
Its truth and pow'r a lifeline for my grip.

Your word sank earth's deepest footings in place,
Its pillars plumbed, its cornerstone laid true.
Your word set bounds for the sea, marked the place
Where dreaded night and glad day rendezvous.

We need not journey to heaven or hell
To be with You, Lord, for Your word is near:
In mouth, in ear and in heart it will dwell,
If You but send a preacher and we hear.

As it is written, "How beautiful are
The feet of those who bear good news of peace!"
Thus, only thus, will both near and afar
The number of those saved by faith increase.

For justified is the heart that believes,
And saved the mouth that names You, Christ, as Lord;
Which faith by hearing Your word one receives.
Yet let our doubting spirits be restored!

Tell us, "Take courage," and "Why do you doubt?"
And when we sink, deliver us from harm
Till, with the angels, we go in and out,
Rejoicing in the word, Your strong right arm.

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