Wednesday, October 19, 2022

393. Christmas 2 (Series B)

Lectionary awkwardness reaches a new level – making me wish I could lump Christmas 2 with the major feasts. You see, I didn't notice until just now that all three lessons – 1 Kings 3:4-15, Ephesians 1:3-14 and Luke 2:40-52 – are the same for this Sunday in all three years (A, B and C). I can only speculate about the reasons for this, but I reckon they include the fact that there's only a Second Sunday After Christmas if Christmas 1 lands on or between Dec. 26-29; in other words, if Christmas Day falls on or between Wednesday and Saturday. Otherwise, Epiphany intervenes. Another possible reason is that outside of Matthew's visit-of-the-Magi (Epiphany) and flight-into-Egypt/slaughter-of-the-innocents narratives (Series A/Christmas 1), these two Sundays' passages from Luke are all Scripture tells us about Jesus' childhood. Since my Series A hymn for this Sunday focused on the Epistle, and again, because I already did a boy-Jesus-among-the-doctors hymn and I'm not in a hurry to repeat myself (that can wait till Series C), I focus on the O.T. lesson this time.

The tune is ISTE CONFESSOR – not the Angers version, which I used here, but the better-known Rouen version, which the Aussies paired with "Christ, Thou strong guardian," LBW, LW, ELW and LSB with "Lord of our life and God of our salvation," LBW, LW and LSB again with "Only-begotten, Word of God eternal," and LSB with "Christ, high ascended."

"Ask!" said the Lord. "What shall I give you, young king?"
Solomon answered, craving only one thing:
A hearing heart, that of the causes men bring
He might judge wisely.

This pleased the Lord, who granted this and yet more:
Riches and honor He would on his head pour,
Long life, if in God's statutes he would set store,
In His ways walking.

In our own prayers, for what shall we be asking?
Pow'r, vengeance, wealth? Lo, these devices tasking,
We may yet fail of good and ill unmasking;
Lord, give us wisdom!

Give us, like David's son, a heart for hearing,
An eye that pierces subtle, false appearing;
And more than him, Your judgment ever fearing,
Your ways to follow!

Give us, like Christ, our ever-perfect Savior,
Wisdom and strength Your holy word to savor,
Till in His likeness, nourished on Your favor,
We come before You.

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