Saturday, October 22, 2022

398. Epiphany 5 (Series B)

The lessons for this service are Isaiah 40:21-31, 1 Corinthians 9:16-27 and Mark 1:29-39. The tune is VALETE by Arthur S. Sullivan (†1900), which the Ev. Luth. Hymn-Book paired with "Arm these Thy soldiers, mighty Lord." If I can actually choose a tune by Arthur Sullivan for one of my hymns, you can't say I never bend or change in my opinions.

At sunset, crowding at the door,
They brought the sick and demon-pressed
The Healer's blessing to implore,
And Jesus served them without rest.
At sunrise, His disciples found
Him praying in a desert place
Where Mary's Son, in Godhead bound,
Retired to seek the Father's grace.

"Let us move on, that I may preach,"
He said, "the reason I was sent."
Yea, Lord, the faithful still beseech:
Teach us Your will; bid us repent!
What of Your kingdom You reveal,
What costly medicine You pass,
Let it suffice our hurts to heal:
Your bath, Your pardon and Your mass.

Let these content us, though a thorn
Afflict our flesh this little while;
From busy eve to lonely morn,
Sustain us through our every trial.
For we are washed in You, made pure,
Set free by Your absolving word;
We eat and drink the precious Cure
That Your self-offering conferred.

Now, while we eat and drink and bask
In Your good tidings, led by light,
That lesser boon we also ask:
Reach out and mend our earthly plight!
Soothe us in body and in mind;
Sustain us in our daily care
Till, healed at last, we wake to find
The golden morn You now prepare.

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