Friday, October 28, 2022

409. Easter Day (Series B)

The lessons for this service are Isaiah 25:6-9, 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 and Mark 16:1-8. The tune is FRED TIL BOD, the Ludvig M. Lindeman (†1887) version this time: originally a tune to "Peace to soothe our bitter woes" (cf. the Hartmann tune by the same name, used here) but also, in various hymnals, paired with "Christ, whose glory fills the skies," "Father, who the light this day," "For the beauty of the earth," "Jesus, Sun of righteousness," "What our Father does is well," and most frequently of all, "Hallelujah! Jesus lives." By the way, it is a.k.a. EASTER GLORY, JESUS SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS and LUDOVICA.

Rise, beloved! Greet the day,
Holiest to Christendom!
Death is swallowed up for aye;
Jesus' triumph has begun.
He has swept the veil away;
Our salvation He has won.

"Faithful women, have no fear;
Jesus, who was crucified,
Lives again, no longer here."
As the Scriptures testified,
On the third day bright and clear
Is the grave its prey denied.

"Faithful men, your Master seek
Where He offers to be found"—
Not in artifacts antique
Nor in novel notions' sound,
But the word His envoys speak,
Means that with His grace abound.

Brothers, sisters, young and old,
Taste His feast, for it is good!
Christ has fought, our champion bold,
Yea, has triumphed by His blood,
Buying us with more than gold
Richest wine and choicest food!

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