Monday, October 3, 2022

364. Proper 16 (Series A)

Here's an odd milestone: Counting "Hymn 0," as this blog's tally of my original hymns numbers it, this hymn is actually my 365th and therefore, in theory, I could put out a book of daily devotions with one hymn for every day of the year. I've been looking forward to hitting this mark, though I don't plan to do such a book. Meanwhile, I'm still pushing onward with my "hymn for every Sunday of the LSB 3-year series" project, with this hymn going to the Xth Sunday after Trinity, or the (X+2)th Sunday of Pentecost, whichever falls between Aug. 21 and 27. Lessons are Isaiah 51:1-6, Romans 11:33–12:8 and Matthew 16:13-20 (the confession of Peter). Note: I've previously written a hymn on Peter's confession. I've also, at least once, treated the topic of the Epistle lesson. The tune is O DU ALLERSÜSSTE FREUDE from Johann B. König's Liederschatz, Frankfurt, 1738. The 1970s Australian Lutheran Hymnal used it twice, with "O Thou sweetest source of gladness" and "Speak, O Lord, Thy servant heareth." To my knowledge, it hasn't been used in an American Lutheran hymnal to-date.

Gentle brethren, I beseech you,
Who are purchased with a price,
Let God's mercies form and teach you
That, as living sacrifice,
Mind and body you present
And with service be content,
Not unto this world conforming
But as pleases God transforming.

Let none rank himself more highly
Than his calling may permit.
Work as Jesus' members, while He
Places each where each may fit.
We, though many, form one whole,
Every part with its own role;
Thus completing one another,
Be Christ's mother, sister, brother.

You who preach, be sure your preaching
Is in keeping with the faith;
Serve with joy, and let your teaching
Run along sound doctrine's path.
By your exhortation live;
As you would be given, give;
Lead in sober, steady fashion;
Gladly exercise compassion.

Now, dear partners in confession,
Speak again the living word,
Answer to the Savior's question,
Vile to some, to some absurd:
"Jesus Christ is Lord and God!"
Spread its mighty sound abroad,
Working through the lump as leaven,
Loosing guilt in earth and heaven!

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