Saturday, October 29, 2022

412. Easter 4 (Series B)

The lessons for this "Good Shepherd Sunday" service are Acts 4:1-12, 1 John 3:16-24 and John 10:11-18. The tune is O GROSSER GOTT, from a Stuttgart songbook of 1744, which was set to "O God of God, O Light of Light" (or "O God from God, O Light from Light") in TLH, LBW, LW, CWALH, LSB and CWH; to "Praise be to Christ, in whom we see" in LSB and CWH; and to "Our fathers' God in years long gone" in LW and CWALH.

Good Shepherd, lo, You know Your own,
By whom Your living voice is known.
You gave Your life to save Your sheep
From wolves and thieves, one flock to keep:
Now seek us, scattered in the night,
Confused, exhausted from our flight;
Lead us on wholesome ground to feed;
With living water slake our need.

There yet are sheep without Your fold,
Names in Your book of life enrolled.
Lord, raise the staff their eyes have craved,
The Name whereby souls must be saved.
For there's none other under heav'n
Whereby salvation has been giv'n;
Make haste, therefore! Send lovely feet
To carry wondrous news and sweet!

Good Shepherd, what more do I need
Than what You give on which to feed?
What vintage can relieve my pains
But what You open from Your veins?
In righteous paths, through shadowed vale,
Lead me and drive me without fail;
Anoint me, fill my cup with grace,
That I may dwell before Your face!

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