Thursday, October 6, 2022

366. Proper 18 (Series A)

The date range for this Sunday in the LSB 3-year series is Sept. 4-10. The lessons are Ezekiel 33:7-9, Romans 13:1-10 and Matthew 18:1-20. The tune is SONG 34 by Orlando Gibbons (1623), a.k.a. ANGEL'S SONG, a.k.a. ANGELS, a.k.a. GIBBONS, which I've found set to six different texts in one hymnal each and, in three hymnals, to "Forth in Thy name, O Lord, I go." So it may have a familiar ring to many anglophone Lutherans, but I don't think most will heavily associate it with a particular hymn – the very thing I'm counting on when I select tunes for this project.

Owe nothing, children of God's grace,
But that you one another love:
That all as one, you may embrace
A law all other laws above.

For God's commands, "Kill not nor steal,
Nor be unchaste, nor perjured be,
Nor covet," touch your neighbor's weal:
Of doing them love is the key.

Nor let what men may say obscure
What God Himself reveals of love;
For what He purposes is sure,
Despite what our age thinks thereof.

Love is not doing as you please,
Nor being safe from stern rebuke.
Love sets no sinner at his ease;
Indeed, no hellbound course can brook.

Therefore, that sinners too may live,
Show them the Law and count the cost;
Then they may turn, and God forgive,
And by your love may save the lost.

Take care, beloved, lest offense
May turn Christ's little ones away.
Think but what effort He expends
To seek the little lambs that stray!

As just such lambs yourselves perceive.
On His pure nourishment depend,
And give in love as you receive:
One flock, one Shepherd to the end.

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