Sunday, October 9, 2022

373. Proper 24 (Series A)

This sixth-last Sunday of the Church Year, which the LSB 3-year-series sticks between Oct. 16 and 22, features Isaiah 45:1-7, 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 and Matthew 22:15-22. The tune is TESHINIENS, of 16th century Poland origin, which I have seen set in The Lutheran Hymnal and Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary to the Polish Passion hymn "Jesus Christ, our Lord most holy."

Hypocrites our Lord were testing,
Like a trapper slyly questing:
Sneaking, seeking some way to counfound Him,
Coyly, oily words they coiled around Him.

Lord, what creatures!—that we test You,
Dreaming we somehow might best You!
Lightly, slightly have You recompensed us!
Pardon! Harden not Your heart against us!

Selfish though we are in praying,
Foolish in our gravest saying,
Spare us! Bear us patiently, dear Savior!
Reach us! Teach us worthier behavior!

Pity our misleading jargon;
Serve us gently when we bargain!
Banish, vanish from our hearts such creeping!
Test us; wrest us from the tempter's keeping!

Grant that we Your due may render
With united hearts and tender:
Wholly lowly, on Your truth depending;
Choices, voices to Your service lending.

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