Friday, October 14, 2022

381. Epiphany Hymn

This hymn is for the "major feasts" section of my hymnbook-in-progress, one of the observances whose lessons are the same during all three years of the LSB 3-year series. And although Jan. 6 won't fall on a Sunday next year, it will sometime and so, eventually, such a hymn will be indicated in a "hymn for every Sunday of the church year" series. The texts are Isaiah 60:1-6, Ephesians 3:1-12 and Matthew 2:1-12. The tune is the Grenoble church melody DEUS TUORUM MILITUM, which I've found set to six different hymns across multiple hymnals, most notably the Epiphany hymn "From God the Father, virgin-born."

Christ, Treasure dearer far than gold,
When we in bonds of sin were sold,
You did not scorn our mortal birth
But bought with blood all souls in earth.

Though due the incense of our praise,
You bore the skull hill's stinking haze
That, for our sake, before God's eyes,
A pleasing savor might arise.

Then, by Your scented shroud and tomb,
Our grave You gave a restful fume:
On death a better spice than myrrh,
The hope of life, You thus confer.

To You, all nations' Savior-King,
What is there in our gift to bring?
All treasures are for You to give,
In Whom we die, by Whom we live!

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