Tuesday, June 1, 2021

305. Hymn for the Confession of St. Peter

This hymn has long been part of my design for the upcoming collection titled Edifying Hymns. It is good to get it out of the back of my head, at last! The tune I have in mind for it, right now, is one that I recently wrote for a hymn by my friend Alan, titled ARISE FROM DEATH (see below). Sure, I could write a new one, but that would be more work.

For him on whose confession
Your Church, O God, is built,
To whom the keys were given
That bind and loose men's guilt:
We praise You from the precincts
Whose bulwarks cannot fail,
And with dear Simon Peter
Your Son as Christ we hail.

Not flesh and blood reveals this,
But You, the God who lives;
Who now, through mortal servants,
Our sin retains, forgives.
You stay the realm of heaven
Not on what lies in man
But on the Seed of Mary:
Anointed, chosen Lamb.

Why should we need another
Elijah or a John,
Except if they, like Peter,
Point out the Christ, Your Son?
We need the Lamb appointed
Above all other things.
Of His full satisfaction
A ransomed people sings!

What men may say of Jesus,
Lord, soon will pass away;
But what Your Spirit teaches
Seal on our hearts, we pray.
Place on our lips Your doctrine,
The courage of Your creed
Protecting us from Hades,
Supplying all our need.

Though we may sink, hearts quailing,
Beneath life's stormy waves,
Or though we, in our weakness,
Deny the Name that saves,
Restore us, Lord, in mercy;
Account to us by grace
The right to stand with Peter
Before Your holy face.

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