Friday, September 30, 2022

359. Proper 11 (Series A)

The texts for this service are Isaiah 44:6-8, Romans 8:18-27 and Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43, the Parable of the Tares and its explanation. I've already written a Tares hymn as well as a hymn about Jesus' parables in general. The tune is TARSUS by John Goss (†1880), which the Lutheran Hymnary paired with the hymn "O Jesus, source of calm repose."

Who is like God, the First and Last?
Is there a Rock more firm, more fast,
A safer refuge to afford?
Fear not the things yet to occur,
Foretold by Him whose word is sure;
For no God lives besides the Lord!

Can present suff'rings be compared
To what our Savior has prepared,
The glory soon to be revealed?
Nay, all creation looks and longs
For our adoption as God's sons,
When sin and death their title yield.

In hope, all this we now possess,
As groaing, toward that Day we press,
When hope dissolves in glorious sight.
O Spirit, help us! Groan as well;
Our speechless supplications tell
The One who hears, who knows our plight.

Who is like You, Lord, who forbears
To gather up deceitful tares,
Lest fruitful corn should go to waste?
Come soon, oh, come! Your ransomed field
An ample harvest longs to yield,
Your kindgom's endless feast to taste!

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