Tuesday, September 27, 2022

355. Proper 7 (Series A)

This set of propers, designated for a Sunday after Trinity falling between June 19 and 25, might not be used if Easter lands any later than April 23 – but that's unlikely, given that April 25 is as late as it can get. Funnily enough, there's one "Year A" between now and 2050 when that'll happen – 2038. As for the rest of these queerly numbered propers – which numbered Sunday after Trinity/of Pentecost they are will depend, again, on Easter – there's will be no further question of a hymn-writer's efforts being wasted on a Sunday that may not happen.

The texts for this installment in the LSB 3-year lectionary are Jeremiah 20:7-13, Romans 6:12-23 and Matthew 10:21-33. The tune is HOLY DESIRE, a tune I wrote in 2014 and used with two of my previous hymns.

From the false apostle's tongue,
Whose opinions spread like tumors,
Word of Jesus' Way has sprung,
Likewise unbelieving rumors:
That, O Christ, Your faith is such
Wherein one seeks wealth and glory,
Or yet for the weak a crutch;
What then, Savior, of Your story?

Let us hear, instead, the tale
Of discipleship You tell us:
Some are killed, some cast in jail,
Those betraying them thought zealous;
Some will flee from town to town,
Stopping long enough for witness,
Losing all to gain a crown,
Cross their only mark of fitness!

Is a pupil, then, above
Him whose steps he follows after?
Is a slave the better of
Him he serves? If they our Master
Call demonic, how much more
Will they not revile His servants?
Yet fear not, dear Christians, for
Faith will grow from our disturbance.

God does not permit to fall
Sparrows, sold for two a penny;
What, then, will He let befall
You, although He knows how many
Hairs you have? His name confess,
Though it here cost heavy sorrow;
Far more richly will He bless
You when dawns His glorious morrow.

Yes, dear Lord, Your faith requires
Far more strength than idle living!
How shall we endure its fires,
Pass the test our world is giving?
You must fill us with Your strength,
Lest we perish, lost and groping!
Dwell within us, till at length
Sight surpasses present hoping!

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