Wednesday, September 14, 2022

340. Lent 4 Hymn (Series A)

The texts for this Sunday in the LSB 3-year letionary are Isaiah 42:14-21, Ephesians 5:8-14 and John 9:1-41. The tune is LEA by James Lea Summers – another one of those nice little pieces that I've only found in one Lutheran book (going all the way back to 1930) and that might warm up a bit if given another chance.

O you disciples, of one mind
With all who follow Light,
Rejoice to hear of one born blind
To whom the Lord gave sight.

Why was this man born blind, some asked;
Was it because of sin?
"No," Jesus said, "but to unmask
The work of God in him.

"And we must serve the Father's ends,
And work while daylight lasts;
For lo, the night is coming when
All chance of work is past."

"While I am in the world," Christ said,
"I AM Myself its Light."
And then, that more light might be shed,
He gave the blind man sight.

This act of love, bright as a gem,
The Jewish leaders vexed:
This sabbath-bending sign left them
Divided and perplexed.

Some recognized the hand of God;
Some saw but broken rule;
They called the man born blind a fraud,
Then threw him out of shul.

When Jesus found the man, and spoke—
"Do you believe the Son?
For you have seen Him"—faith awoke,
A new disciple won.

Lord, pierce as well our heavy eyes;
Restore our clouded sight,
That we may view with glad surprise
New facets of Your light;

And lest the love of stroke and dot
Blind us to those in need,
Let every heart and hand be taught
To do Your works indeed.

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