Thursday, September 29, 2022

357. Proper 9 (Series A)

This service in the LSB 3-year lectionary is for the Sunday between July 3 and 9. Lessons are Zechariah 9:9-12, Romans 7:14-25a and Matthew 11:25-30. As I mentioned previously, I've already done one or two "Romans 7" hymns, and I'm going to have a lot of Palm Sunday (or Passion Sunday) hymns under my belt before this project is over (and Zechariah 9 is pretty Palm Sundayish), so this hymn will touch but lightly on these texts. Perhaps that will make up for my prolixity in some of the past few hymns. And having written myself into a corner, I find myself with no choice (of a public domain tune) but to write a new one; you might have noticed I've been trying to avoid doing that as much as I can, during this swing through the three-year series. Its title will be CAPTIVES OF HOPE.

Return to the Lord, you captives of hope,
Who no more in sin's dry cistern need grope;
For you now possess a victor's reward,
By testament of the blood of the Lord.

Give glory to God in your inner mind,
Another law though your members may find.
Ask who from this inward war sets you free;
The answer: the Lamb slain on Calvary.

Now join in His praise who hides from the wise
The secrets revealed to little ones' eyes!
Come, weary and worn, partake of the best;
For gentle is He who promises rest.

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