Wednesday, September 14, 2022

341. Lent 5 Hymn (Series A)

The texts this time (per the LSB 3-year series) are Ezekiel 37:1-14, Romans 8:1-11 and John 11:1-53. The tune is a piece by a contemporary of Heinrich Schütz who probably wouldn't recognize the Danish hymn title, but that's how it was listed in the index of Lutheran Hymnary, the only witness I have to it.

Jesus wept in heartfelt sorrow,
Knowing Lazarus had died;
Though He knew that by the morrow,
This would stand Him glorified.
For God's Son is no mere creature,
Yet unites with human nature.

"I AM," Jesus said with meaning,
Moved to see dear Martha mourn—
All the while on Moses leaning,
Swearing as the Lord had sworn—
"I AM Life and Resurrection;
I hold death in meek subjection."

"Where," He asked, "is Laz'rus buried?"
—Moved as well by Mary's tears.
To the tomb the mourners hurried,
Wondering with doubts and fears.
He said, "Oh, believe this hour,
And you will perceive God's power!"

"Come," He said, the dead man calling,
When the stone had been removed;
"Lazarus, come forth"—appalling
Though the grave-stench quickly proved.
Yet he came, that word obeying,
Proof of Jesus' claim displaying.

On us, too, Lord, have compassion
When our heart is crushed with grief;
Let Your promises refashion
Our dark hours through bright belief.
Then, although death's shroud belays us,
You will surely call and raise us.

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