Sunday, September 25, 2022

353. Proper 5 (Series A)

This service, for a Sunday after Trinity between June 5 and 11, occurs any year in which Easter falls on or earlier than April 9 (or rather, any Series A year, which makes it 1/3 as likely); and wouldn't you know, next year (2023) is a Series A year in which Easter lands right on April 9. By comparison, the Proper 4 hymn I wrote last night won't see its chance until 2029; and Proper 3, a couple hymns back, won't happen until 2035. I'm creating hymns that will rarely be needed, if ever. Verily, the only thing that keeps me going through this patch is brute momentum.

The lessons for this middling-to-rare service are Hosea 5:15-6:6, Romans 4:13-25 and Matthew 9:9-13. As I mentioned a couple hymns back, we'll be in Matthew's gospel all the way to the end of Year A, moving more or less from front to back; likewise for Romans until Proper 19. The tune is ALL MORGEN IST GANZ FRISCH UND NEU by Johann Walther (1541), which I spotted in a German hymnal yonks ago and noted down for future use.

Come, let us turn back to the Lord,
Who has torn, but will balm apply;
Who on the third day life restored
That we may live, no more to die.

Let us press on to know the Lord,
Who rises surely as the dawn;
Who as the rains refresh the earth
Gives all we need to nourish on.

O kingdoms of the north and south,
Your mercies are as fleeting dew;
But now the sword from out God's mouth,
His word, has made short work of you.

His judgments are as lightning bolts;
Yet one thing He desires still more
Than blood and smoke of bulls and goats:
That we His mercies should adore.

His kindly love extends so far
That Christ was lifted overhead,
Arms spread, nails suffered Him to scar,
A spear to prove that He was dead;

That just as Abraham's belief
Was recknoed him as righteousness,
The risen Christ might bring relief
To us who trust Him and confess.

And so, with heart and mouth, we own
A Lord who died and yet who lives,
And who by kindly love alone
The sinner welcomes and forgives.

Let us press on to know His Law,
To do His works of kindly love
While, freely pardoned of all flaw,
We share in hope the feast above:

A hope that we like Abram know
Our Lord, who promised, will supply;
A faith, through which He will bestow
A joyful welcome-home on high.

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