Sunday, September 25, 2022

354. Proper 6 (Series A)

We're still in the part of the LSB 3-year lectionary's Pentecost/Trinity season where the date of Easter may or may not wipe a service out of existence. This service, for a Sunday between June 12 and 18, depends on Easter happening by April 16, which it certainly will next year and every "Year A" between now and 2050, except for a losing streak in 2038, 2041 and 2044.

This service's readings are Exodus 19:2-8, Romans 5:6-15 and Matthew 9:35-10:8, with the option to continue as far as 10:20. Parts of the Epistle were previously appointed for Lent 1 (from verse 12) and Lent 3 (through verse 8). The tune is CHESHIRE, from Thomas Este's Psalter of 1592. I've found it in three hymnals (SBH, CSB and the Australian Lutheran Hymnal), set to two texts, "Lord, it belongs not to my care" and "O Thou, who through this Holy Week." So it pretty well fits my usual criteria, an attractive tune that isn't overburdened with baggage from other hymns.

O Christ, at the appointed time,
When we had none to help,
Were stained with every godless crime,
You brought us to Yourself.

On eagles' wings You carried us
While we were yet in sin;
God showed His love when on the cross
You died, our life to win.

We were your enemies, besides,
And yet You shed your blood,
Whereby we now are justified,
Through You accounted good.

You saved us from a certain wrath;
Restored our fellowship;
Brought us to life, and more than that,
As royal priests equipped.

Send us, dear Savior, on what road
You please, however hard;
If but our promised, blest abode
You hold in our regard.

While we were enemies, what friends
You made us, at what cost!
What effort still Your mercy bends
To seek and save the lost!

Give us, therefore, a heart to do
All that you say, until
Your own possession comes to you
And souls Your mansion fill!

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