Saturday, September 17, 2022

343. Easter 2 Hymn (Series A)

Fear not, I didn't skip Easter Sunday or Easter 1, which are (in the LSB 3-year-lectionary) one and the same. As I mentioned a few posts back, I actually shoved a previously-written Easter hymn into the slot for that service. So, with "Easter 1" not actually appearing in the lectionary, Easter 2 begins the series of Sundays after Easter, sorta like how the Epiphany season worked (with "Baptism of Our Lord" replacing "Epiphany 1").

The readings are Acts 5:29-42, 1 Peter 1:3-9 and John 20:1-31. I could have touched on all three of them, but the result would have been a longer hymn. So who's gonna complain? For the tune, I adopted the lovely AUF MEINEN LIEBEN GOTT ("In God, my faithful God") from J. Regnart’s Deutsche Lieder, N├╝rnberg, 1574.

Although the doors were closed
The day the Lord arose,
Christ came, the brethren blessing,
With words of peace caressing,
Bestowing from that hour
His binding, loosing power.

Whatever men may say,
We must His word obey.
Who else can open heaven
But Christ, who here has given
To men so great a mission,
Such healing for contrition?

So let us count it gain
When we must suffer pain
And bear the world's derision.
For Christ has made provision,
This evil hour restraining
While sinners life are gaining.

Lord, cleanse our hearts of doubt
And gloomy thoughts cast out;
Where men Your word are voicing,
You we receive, rejoicing
That, in You resurrected,
We soon shall be perfected.

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