Sunday, September 18, 2022

344. Easter 3 Hymn (Series A)

The readings for what used to be called the Second Sunday after Easter (Misericordias Domini) – renumbered in the LSB 3-year lectionary as Sundays "of" Easter – are Acts 2:14a and 36-41 (the 14a is pretty much to introduce Peter as the speaker), 1 Peter 1:17-25 and Luke 24:13-35. The tune is NOËL NOUVELET, best known as the tune for the carol "Sing we now of Christmas" but also used in Lutheran Book of Worship for "Now the green blade rises."

Walking to Emmaus, two disciples frowned,
Yet their hearts burned strangely at the gospel's sound.
Christ is arisen! Ris'n indeed is He!
Hidden from their eyes, yet to Emmaus bound!

In His giving thanks, His breaking of the bread,
He was recognized as risen from the dead.
What shall we say? What, brethren, shall we say?
To this day the faithful by His hand are fed.

At the Feast of Weeks, bold Peter testified:
"Lord and Christ God made Him whom you crucified."
What shall we do? What, brethren, shall we do?
"Be baptized, repenting, and be justified."

Then three thousand souls were added to the Way,
By the means the faithful still use to this day.
What shall we be? What, brethren, shall we be?
Cleansed, restored, forgiven, all sins washed away.

Not by gold or silver, but the blood of Christ,
We have been redeemed, the Blameless sacrificed.
Now by God's word we have been born again—
By the seed that lives and evermore abides.

Brothers and dear sisters, how then shall we live,
Knowing what the altar, font and pulpit give?
Christ is in them; in them, indeed, is He,
Dead hearts to revive and sinners to forgive.

Hear again bold Peter: With a fervent heart,
Love each other, tracing Jesus' work of art!
Tell both your children and those yet far off!
Listen to the truth as pure souls, set apart!

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