Saturday, September 24, 2022

350. Holy Trinity Hymn (Series A)

In American Lutheranism, and (I believe) in most of liturgical Christianity, Trinity Sunday is a week after Pentecost and the remaining Sundays of the church year are traditionally numbered as "so many after Trinity," with their total number varying with the date of Easter. (I guess in Eastern Christianity, Trinity Sunday is celebrated on Pentecost itself.) Post-Vatican II lectionaries tend to number those Sundays as "so many of Pentecost," with Trinity implicitly being Pentecost 2 and the following Sundays continuing with Pentecost 3, etc. In the posts following this, you'll see the designation of Proper 3, Proper 4, etc. all the way to 29, because in the LSB 3-year lectionary, the propers run with a range of calendar dates, and whatever Sunday of Pentecost any given propers are depends on that date range in which Trinity Sunday lands that year. So, whether you're going to call them Sundays after Trinity or Sundays of Pentecost, let the reader understand.

This service's readings are Genesis 1:1-2:4a, Acts 2:14a (basically "Peter said...") and 22-36, and Matthew 28:16-20. The tune is ASCENSION by William H. Monk (†1889), illustrated above, which requires an "Alleluia!" after each line. Service Book and Hymnal used it for the hymn "Hail the day that sees him rise."

Praise the Father and the Son
And the Spirit, Three in One;
One Godhead in Persons Three
From, and to, eternity.

Praise the One who made all things:
God, the Word that from Him springs,
And the Breath whose stirrings sweep
O'er the chaos of the deep.

Praise the counsel He would take,
"In Our image" man to make
And, when all completed stood,
To account it very good.

Praise the One who, when man fell,
Ne'er abandoned us to hell;
From all ages He had planned
Our salvation by His hand.

Praise the Father who His Son
Raised from death when all was done,
And the Spirit, richly poured
On the ransomed of the Lord.

Praise the water and the blood,
Wherein God attests to God:
Sprinkled with the Trinity,
We absorb His purity.

Praise the Savior's human voice,
Bidding our frail hearts rejoice:
One with Him who shares God's throne,
We are nevermore alone.

Praise the Lord, who ever was,
Is and will be, and who does
All for us abundantly:
Three in One and One in Three.

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