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Edifying Hymns: First Line Index

Similar to my Useful Hymns first line index, with links to each of the hymns in it wherever they appeared on my blog, here is your handy guide to the hymns I have numbered 202-313 on this blog and that will be numbered 223-335 in Edifying Hymns. Plus No. 14 in the blog numbering, which fell into a crack and didn't make it into UH. The title or purpose of each hymn follows the ellipses. Topics with an asterisk (*) indicate they were written to accompany an Advent or Lent midweek sermon series. Also, I've broken out several sub-groups of hymns that would be difficult to categorize otherwise.

General Hymns
Almighty, Most High, who teach the wise ... Civic duty
Ancient of Days, God unchanging and true ... Word of God

Behold a wretched creature, Lord ... Besetting sin
By any name, O Highest ... Psalm 119
By grace through faith alone God gives ... Sola gratia

Call, Lord, from humble fisher’s net ... Students of theology
Christ asked His pupils on the road ... St. Mark Passion*
Christ is born, the Virgin's Seed ... Christmas carol
Christ is risen: faith replieth ... Easter season
Christ, Lord of all things everywhere ... Mothers
Christ, open our eyes to see the love ... Opening
Christ said: "Go, make disciples" ... Baptismal regeneration
Christ, who men’s illnesses dared to command ... Caregivers
Christ, whose ancient prophets cherished ... Mistreated ministers
Christ, with those who saw Your glory ... Saints' days
Christians, arm yourselves for battle ... Our threefold foe*
Come, bear with Christ a little while ... St. Luke Passion*
Come, praise with songs of priestly joy ... Incarnation
Commander of the heav’nly host ... Service personnel, veterans
Creative God, whose wise design ... Creative endeavors

Dear Christ, against whose glory heaven pales ... Wounds of Christ
Dear Christ, in touching aught of ours ... Assumption
Dear God our Father, You are over all ... Cancer
Dear Lord, who knew Your hour was nigh ... St. John Passion*

Embrace, O Christ, with Your protecting arm ... Persecuted Christians

Father of Lights, in whom no shifting shade ... Changes in life
For faithful ministers, O Lord ... Thanksgiving for faithful ministry
"Forgive them, Father!" Jesus wailed ... Seven Words on the Cross*
For him on whose confession ... Confession of St. Peter
For those whom God has set apart ... All Saints' Day

Give heed, all saints, comprising ... Faithful womanhood*
God bless the leaders of our land ... Political leaders
God is Love, in His three-personed nature ... Love of God
God is not dead, nor does He sleep ... Efficacy of God's word
God so loved man, He gave His Son ... Evangelism
Good Shepherd, bless the servant sent ... Prayer for the Pastor
Grant us, dear Lord, to know You truly ... Theology of the Cross

Hark! A murmurous vibration ... Sacramental Christmas
Have mercy on me, Savior ... Miserere (Psalm 51)*

I did not choose to be the Lord's ... Conversion and election
In childhood, Jesus, give Your children joy ... Joy

Jesus, e'er in figures speaking ... Parables
Jesus, in a stable born ... Lonely at Christmas
Jesus, Lover of the poor ... Poverty

Light of the world and Author of light ... Lightening
Lo, Christ is manifested ... Epiphany season
Lord, as from business we adjourn ... Closing church meetings
Lord, give us eyes for beauty ... Beauty
Lord, grace our pulpit with a preacher ... Good preaching
Lord, hear our groans, which rise ... Loved one's suicide
Lord, knowing that the hour was nigh ... St. Matthew Passion*
Lord, lead us forward from the dark ... Forward
Lord, lest in sin we harden ... Seven deadly sins*
Lord of life, whose dying freed us ... Imprisonment
Lord of the church, to You belongs ... Opening church meetings
Lord, on our hearts Your gospel sow ... Sanctification
Lord, who above all heavens dwell ... Liturgy
Lord, whose free, creating vision ... Church divided
Lord, whose writ cannot be broken ... Interpreting Scripture

My heart, when you are overthrown ... Consolation

Not unto man, but unto You ... Epistles of Paul

O Christ, in all Your wonders ... Miracles of Christ
O Father, in prophetic speech made known ... Interpreting Scripture
O Holy Ghost, revealing Lord ... Mystery
O Lord, should I untested be ... Walk of faith
O Lord, who our Savior ere all time begot ... Ruth*
O Lord, You are the Giver ... Brotherly love
On officers of peace have mercy, Lord ... Peace officers

Peace be with you, little children ... Peace with God

Rejoice in Christ! Indeed, the church rejoices ... Contentment

The hour has come for us to part ... Terminal illness
The Lord has sworn in sooth ... Objective justification
The Word was God, when earth's keystone was laid ... Word made flesh
Thou who all things needful didst ... Fathers
True Word of God, whose power brought forth ... Word and Sacrament

Unchanging God, who from the start ... Uses of the Law

We thank You, Christ, our healing Lord ... Health restored
What is this strange thing, Lord, You do ... Grieving parents
When it came to pass, dear Lamb and Lord ... Pre-Lent
When those we love forget our name ... Late-stage dementia
Why, Lord, am I afflicted? ... Lament
With John, the messenger foretold ... John the Baptist*
With loud voice, angels, testify ... Dignus est agnus (Revelation 5:12)

You, Christ, laid hands on the afflicted ... Addiction
You know, Lord, how unworthy ... Prayer of the Pastor

Zeal for Your house consumed You ... Unbelieving loved ones

Acrostic Psalm (after Psalm 119)
Almighty God in heaven above ... A-D
Eternal Christ, who into time ... E-H
Immense Immortal, for our need ... I-L
Mysterious Lord and mighty God ... M-P
Quake, blood-daubed earth! Be darkened, sun ... Q-T
Use, brethren, use the present hour ... U-W

Litanies for Times in the Christian Life
From the Maker's timeless throne ... For one's children
Jesus, Teacher sent from God ... Education
God, who deemed it was not good ... For a pious mate
God, who made both day and night ... Business
God, whose Seed was given room ... Childbearing
Hear us, Ancient One of days ... Old age

'Reverently Silly Children's Hymns'
Father, hear the asking voices ... Ask, seek, knock
God, who gave us lips and tongue ... Noisy little voices
Lord, grasp our grabbing fingers ... Grabby little hands
Lord, lead me by the nose ... Sniffing little noses
Lord, let the tramp of little feet ... Running little feet
Oh, that Jesus’ eyes would see us ... Peeking little eyes
Thank you, Lord, for furry friends ... Thanksgiving for Pets
Wide-awake and watchful God ... Sleepy little heads
Word of God, whose light caress ... Open little ears

Hymns for Christian Youth
Beloved, be not pressed into ... Transformation
Child of God, abide in faith ... Encouragement
Give, O gracious, glorious Lord ... Hungry young saints
Jesus, who from childhood carried ... Set apart
Thank You, Lord, for all the seasons ... Church year

Original Tunes to Existing Hymns
Here we have come to a place that is holy ... Kleinig
I have been called to serve, O God, my King ... Kornacki
O Lord, increase my faith in you ... Richard
Pay heed, O earthly powers ... Kornacki
Rejoice, O righteous, in the Lord ... Richard
The earth is still and silent ... Kornacki
The Lord is near! Oh, bless His name ... Kornacki
Thou wast midst foes of friends bereft ... P├ętursson/Pilcher
We travel on a journey ... Kleinig
When Herod saw Him, he was filled ... P├ętursson/Pilcher

Bonus Materials
A Setting of the Divine Service
Luther's Small Catechism in Melody

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