Wednesday, January 3, 2018

234. Education Hymn

Here is another installment in my series of "litany hymns for times in the Christian life." I wrote the original(ish) tune, titled FORMATION, late last year, knowing the hymn (like all of them in this group) would have the "litany meter." The idea that appealed to me, as I planned this hymn, was the concept of a Christian's education as mental and spiritual "formation." The previous hymns in this series are here, here, and here.
Jesus, Teacher sent from God,
Both in Judah and abroad,
Wield Your disciplining rod,
Even now, before us.

Help us as we, by Your will,
Study precept, practice skill,
Pass the trial, and be still
Formed to trust and serve You.

Rabbi, Your disciples yearn
Daily at Your feet to learn,
That our steps again might turn
Where Your voice directs us.

Sow in us Your living seed;
Feed and tend it as we need,
That, in spirit and in deed,
We bear fruit aplenty.

That our minds may be transformed,
Every thought by Scripture normed,
And our hearts with mercy warmed,
Master, we implore You.

To Your saving work made wise,
Let us train on You our eyes
Till You draw us to the skies:
Amen, Lord; so be it!

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