Tuesday, February 20, 2018

238. Hymn for Hungry Young Saints

Here is yet another entry in my recent series of (hopefully) edifying hymns for young people. Its working title was "Hymn for Hungry Little Tummies," but in the end it reminded me guiltily of Dorothy Parker's response to A.A. Milne's The House at Pooh Corner: "Tonstant weader fwowed up." Besides, it really isn't a hymn aimed specifically at little kids - it could apply to children of any age who hunger and thirst for the Lord's body and blood. The tune is VOLLER WUNDER by Johann G. Ebeling, 1666; some may know it as the tune to the hymns "Every morning mercies new," "Safely through another week," and "Blessed are the sons of God" (with the memorable refrain "With them numbered may we be, now and through eternity").
Give, O gracious, glorious Lord,
Give the pure milk of Your word.
Nourish us with heav’nly food.
Fill us full of what is good.
Feed us lively, living bread.
Save the children You have fed.

Help! We hunger so to grow!
Help! We thirst Your truth to know!
Oh, Your cup of joy to sip!
Oh, Your feast of fellowship!
Oh, the Lamb unseen but real!
Oh, the myst’ry of that meal!

Till we take that bread and cup,
Father, guide our growing-up.
Make Your word our daily food,
Baptism a refreshing flood.
Work our faith, like rising yeast,
Toward the fullness of Your feast.

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