Monday, January 9, 2017

207. Assumption Hymn

I think the idea for this hymn has been percolating in my brain since I heard a funeral sermon last November that riffed on some of these ideas. The "assumption" it is based on is the christological principle that any part of human nature God the Son did not assume in His incarnation, He could not have redeemed; and also, that Christ (God and Man in one person) remains undivided from the moment of His incarnation to eternity. When I wrote this hymn, I had no particular tune in mind, and I'm not sure one even exists (yet) that will fit its meter. When I find one, or compose one, I'll let you know.

Dear Christ, in touching aught of ours
You sanctify and bless it;
Despite its brokenness, it
Drinks wholeness from Your powers.

In You God breathed, a human soul,
Below the angels living,
Our earth-born spirits giving
A yet more lofty role.

Since You assumed our flesh and bone,
Our very skin esteeming
A temple worth redeeming,
Our eyes will view Your throne.

From birth You did not shrink, nor death,
Nor toil however lowly;
In You we may count holy
Our first and final breath.

By hunger, weakness, grief, and woe
With us Your whole life joining,
An image You were coining
Whereby we grace might know.

From cross, from spear, from shuttered crypt
You blazed forth in perfection;
So we, in resurrection,
Shall see death's pinions clipped.

To God's right hand, in public show,
You mightily ascended,
Though still in You is blended
All that we are below.

As You before the throne appeal,
All grace by right demanding,
There we as well are standing,
Our union firm and real.

Whatever, Christ, you once assumed
When You on earth alighted,
With You remains united,
Has but in glory bloomed.

Therefore, Redeemer, one with men,
We will rejoice to savor
Our Father's peace and favor,
'Til You raise us again.

EDIT 1/27/17: Here is an original tune I wrote today for this hymn, titled ASSUMPTION.

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