Thursday, September 28, 2017

217. Theology of the Cross Hymn

As I wrote this, I had no particular hymn-tune in mind. After the fact, I found the most apt tune to go with it is one of two hymn-tunes I know of titled RUNG, by Henrik Rung (1807-71), which has been paired with N.F.S. Grundtvig's fine baptismal hymn "O let Thy Spirit with us tarry."
Grant us, dear Lord, to know You truly
And praise You as becomes Your love!
To that end, help us reckon duly
What You hide and reveal thereof.

Away, then, with the lie of glory,
Which names a thing but what it seems!
Tell us, instead, the cross's story
That calls it what Your wisdom deems.

Away, Lord, with the sin of judging
According to man's mind and heart!
Help us accept, without begrudging,
Your word, and never thence depart.

Away with righteousness by doing,
Lest what we merit we receive!
Keep us in Christ for mercy suing;
He justifies those who believe.

No more let us see curse and blessing
In present fortunes' ebb and flow!
But lead us onward, ever pressing
T'ward glories man has yet to know.

And though we now feel disappointment,
Hard discipline, disgust and pain,
Soothe us with promises like ointment;
Let hope refresh our souls again.

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