Monday, January 21, 2019

Two More Sixths

I spent some time during the weekend adding stanzas to my "Acrostic Psalm." In order to break up the tedium, I decided to split it into separate hymns of four or so stanzas each, each with its own tune. Here, therefore, are the Second Sixth with its appropriately titled, original tune; and the third, which I wrote in the sleepless wee hours of this morning, together with its own tune. Excuse me if it seems a little repetitive; but observe, Psalm 119 covers the same ground more than a few times. Also, one of my goals is to ensure that Law and Gospel are explicit in every stanza, just in case somebody chooses just one letter of the alphabet to deal with on some occasion or other.

265. Acrostic Psalm, Part II
Tune: SECOND SIXTH by moi, sometime this weekend.
Eternal Christ, who into time
Essayed to answer for our crime,
Ennobling, by incarnate grace,
Each facet of our fallen race:
Erase our sins of unbelief;
Ease, if You will, our time of grief;
Encourage us, by promise sure,
Earth’s fleeting sorrows to endure.

Firstborn of all the risen dead,
Fit us to live with You our Head:
Forgiven through the font’s dear flood;
Filled with Your body and Your blood.
Form us in faith: firm, fixed on You;
Forsaking false friends, not a few;
Frustrating foe and our frail flesh;
Freed from the grave each day afresh.

God, whose it is to bless or damn,
Garb us in Christ, Your spotless Lamb!
Grant us the grace, in faith to grow;
Ground it on You whose love we know.
Guide, who proceeds eternally,
Gird us in Your full panoply;
Guard us along the way, till we
Gaze on Your glory openly.

Hope of the sinner, Lord of life,
Help us resist the hour of strife.
Heal that disease which faith’s eye dims,
Halts holy hands, hamstrings our hymns.
Have mercy on the sinner – yes,
Hide us in Your own righteousness;
Hence will we in Your footprints live,
Held fast by ev’ry gift You give.

266. Acrostic Psalm, Part III
Tune: IMMENSE IMMORTAL, by the same guy as before, around 3 a.m. today.
Immense Immortal, for our need
Into our flesh You came, indeed:
If God imbibes our nature thus,
Is any ill designed for us?
Impress on us Your image, Lord,
Implanted by Your living word;
Imbued with life, let us at length
Invest death’s doors of iron strength.

Jehovah, whose discerning flame
Job felt throughout his wretched frame:
Judge not by what our hands have done,
Jet though our deeds be, every one.
Join justice to the love that sent
Jesus, our cause to represent;
Joy, therefore, may we feel within,
Justly absolved of ev’ry sin.

King of creation, clothed in light,
Keen to be known, yet hid from sight:
Knock on our hearts, that we may find
Ken of Your favor, free and kind.
Keep from us all that smacks of sin;
Kit us in You, our pride, our kin.
Key our replying anthem, when
Kiss we the Son and cry, Amen!

Lamb, who for us was pierced with pain,
Laid in the dust, yet lives again:
Lend light upon our darkened way,
Lest loss and lowness lead astray.
Let smiling lip and laugh return;
Loose heart and mind, that we may learn
Love for the lot of last and least,
Lord, till we see Your longed-for feast.

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