Sunday, December 3, 2017

Four Goofy Children's Hymns

I didn't sleep much last night, perhaps for reasons relating to the 10 newspaper assignments I was working on this weekend. So, I had plenty of time to brainstorm about my projected series of "reverently goofy children's hymns," and how to go about extending them. During a break between assignments 9 and 10 this afternoon, I wrote four more of the little ditties, which I hereby recommend for testing in the home-school, Sunday School, and family altar setting. If you find these tacky, please observe that every effort has been made to combine a light (even humorous) tone with good teaching, and to avoid the pointless tackiness of which I think many children's hymns are guilty. Also, just think: my original plan for #231 was to be a "Knock, Knock Hymn." Orange you glad I reconsidered?

228. Peekaboo Hymn for Little Eyes
Tune: STUTTGART, Gotha, 1715.
1. Oh, that Jesus’ eyes would see us!
Oh, that we might see Him too!
Must we, like that wee Zacchaeus,
Climb a tree, our Lord to view?

2. So much from our sight is hidden:
Short and weak of eye are we.
Help us wait, till we are bidden
Come, O Christ, Your gifts to see.

3. Now our loving God is playing
Peekaboo with little eyes;
All His promises are saying,
“Wait and see this good surprise!”

4. Give us eyes of faith, Lord Jesus,
In our lifelong hide-and-seek,
Counting on the word that frees us,
Till at last You bid us peek.

229. Ephphatha Hymn for Little Ears
1. Word of God, whose light caress
Saves the babes You christen,
Speak Your “Ephphatha,” and bless
Little ears to listen.

2. Christ, Your spit and finger’s touch
Left the deaf man hearing;
Let Your word now do as much,
Heedful children rearing.

3. Call us each by name, to walk
By Your side, believing.
Loose our tongues to pray and talk,
Faithful witness leaving.

4. When the truth is hard to hear
Or to utter clearly,
Savior, touch our tongue and ear
To respond sincerely.

5. Even when our final rest
Stills our voice and hearing,
Bid us, Lord, with all the blest,
Rise at Your appearing.

230. Hymn for Little Running Feet
Tune: HER KOMMER DINE ARME SMAA by J. A. P. Schultz, d. 1800
1. Lord, let the tramp of little feet
Rise to Your ears as music sweet.
Direct the legs that skip and run
To follow Your beloved Son.

2. Christ, gather up Your straying Lambs.
Our wriggling toes, our knees and hams
You bade our parents steer toward You,
Since Your way is for small feet, too.

3. Come, Holy Spirit, give us grace
To run our course, to win the race,
Till seeing Christ, we leap with joy
And claim the prize none can destroy.

231. Ask, Seek, Knock Hymn
Tune: HJEM JEG LÆNGES by Ludvig M. Lindeman, 1812-87
1. Father, hear the asking voices
Of each child who pleads today.
Answer us with loving choices,
Leading us again to pray.

2. Jesus, lead Your children’s seeking,
Till we find in You our prize.
Threat and promise plainly speaking,
Comfort us and make us wise.

3. Spirit, open to the knocking
Of each child the Kingdom’s door.
Treasures old and new unlocking,
Pour on us salvation’s store.

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