Monday, October 18, 2021

312. Brotherly Love Hymn

The thought of this hymn brewed in my mind during a recent Bible class about the biblical definition of, and response to, racism—as distinguished from the "woke" definition, which is unchristian. I'm not thinking about a particular tune at this time, but there are so many in this meter that I'm not worried about it. (EDIT: I ended up chosing the chorale MUNICH, as in "O Word of God incarnate.") The second and fourth stanzas were the first ones that I worked on, but the material rearranged itself as its shape unfolded.
O Lord, You are the Giver,
The Answerer of prayers,
And we, the chosen children
Adopted as Your heirs.
Train us, try us, befitting
The discipline of sons,
Nor let us scorn another
Who in the strait way runs.

O Lord, You are the Potter.
Behold, we are the clay:
Your handiwork, Your vessel
Turned each Your chosen way.
However You have formed us,
Help us to trust Your love
And count each other precious,
Below as up above.

If we, Lord, are Your temple,
You are the Holy One,
The sacrifice perfected
By Your begotten Son.
So when we look about us,
Help us see Your redeemed:
Each face, however featured,
Both cherished and esteemed.

O Lord, we are the branches.
Behold, You are the Vine:
Your word of grace the lifeblood
Without which we would pine.
Wherever we had sprouted,
Whatever we had done,
Teach us to share the purpose
That grafted us in one.

And so, dear Father, prune us
And mold us as You will.
Dear Son, who has redeemed us,
With pure blood daub us still.
Dear Spirit, who bears witness
And helps dumb spirits pray,
Unite our hearts to praise You
Here and in Your great day.

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