Wednesday, November 30, 2022

446. Advent 1 (Series C)

The lessons for this Sunday are Jeremiah 33:14-16, 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13 and either Luke 19:28-40 or Luke 21:25-36. The tune is WIR HATTEN GEBAUET (above), a.k.a. CHRISTMAS DAWN, a.k.a. THURINGIA, a.k.a. WIE LIEBLICH ISTS HIENIEDEN, a German folksong dated 1823 and used in several hymnals with the text "When Christmas morn is dawning" and in at least one hymanl each with "How good it is for brethren" and "Our song shall be of Jesus." Also, I previously used it with this hymn in Useful Hymns.

Come, righteous Branch of David!
The hour is all but ripe.
The earth with hope is gravid;
Her birthpangs sorely gripe.
We pray with ardor avid:
Come, David's Antitype!

Come, all injustice righting;
Come, spoils of sin restore;
Come, just decrees inditing
Where malice ruled before.
The ancient dragon smiting,
Unseal Your city's door.

Come quickly, Zion saving,
Yea, all who love You well:
All who the prize are craving
Whereof Your prophets tell,
While still the salvos braving
Of Satan, sin and hell.

Come, heaven's gates unsealing,
Jerusalem on high;
Come, all our bruises healing;
Come, every tear wipe dry;
Come, perfect bliss revealing
To faith's imperfect eye.

Come soon; and till Your coming
Direct our way to You,
That we, Your mercies plumbing,
May love each other, too,
And at our final summons
With joy Your glory view.

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