Thursday, November 17, 2022

442. Proper 27 (Series B)

The lessons for this service, a Sunday after Trinity during Nov. 6-12, are 1 Kings 17:8-16, Hebrews 9:24-28 and Mark 12:38-44. The tune is STABAT MATER (a.k.a. MAINZ), from a Mainz Gesangbuch of 1661, which SBH and LBW (appropriately) paired with a Stabat Mater hymn, "At the cross, her station keeping." These hymnals format the hymn in six-line stanzas; however, because the Latin original comes in three-line stanzas, and because the second half of the tune is an exact copy of the first (even with the same harmony, except for one chord), I'm chopping it down to a three line form and just letting there be more stanzas.

Tenderly, Lord, let it move You,
When You see poor widows love You,
Serving You with scant reward.

Her of Zarephath examine,
Who, though perishing of famine,
With Elijah shared her bread;

Or, to take Your own example,
Her who passed You in the temple,
Giving her last mite to God.

Some perhaps, who wore fine clothing,
Looked upon her rags with loathing
Or her urgent need ignored.

Let our hearts, therefore, be humbled
When we have far more, yet grumble,
Or regard sharp need with dread.

Not in fortune or ambition,
Men's regard or high position
Lies the grace of widowhood;

Neither in our pious posing,
While upon the poor foreclosing,
Do we please You as we should.

Rather, let us take as pattern
Her, perceived as ragged slattern,
But most dear to You, O Lord.

Let us give, Your goodness trusting,
In Your hand our pittance thrusting,
From whence comes our daily bread.

Let us serve, till strength deserts us;
Pray, when other labor hurts us;
Treasure up Your lively word.

Homeward, then, Lord Jesus, call us;
Let us taste Your promised solace
And in Your rich gifts be glad.

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