Wednesday, November 16, 2022

437. Proper 22 (Series B)

The lessons for this service, a Sunday after Trinity during Oct. 2-8, are Genesis 2:18-25, Hebrews 2:1-13 (optional 14-18; the first of seven consecutive readings from this epistle), and Mark 10:2-16. The tune is WOMIT SOLL ICH DICH WOHL LOBEN, a.k.a. GOTHA, by Justin H. Knecht (1797), which the American Lutheran Hymnal paired with "Christ, the Life of all the living." I think the tune's merit exceeds that of the harmonization in ALH, so I've also written an original setting (see below).

Jesus, Captain of salvation,
For our sake it pleased God's heart
That You should bear tribulation,
Whereby we are set apart—
Sanctified through our connection
With Your flesh and its perfection—
For redeemed mankind is one
With the Lord's afflicted Son.

Hear the angels' word, all nations:
Every sin must be repaid!
Can we spurn such great salvation,
Yet full punishment evade?
God attests with signs and wonders
What subjection Christ went under,
Tasting death for all mankind
With a glorious crown assigned.

Nay, nor shall we spurn His likeness
Wherein manhood is designed;
Nor deny His order's rightness
That with woman man would bind:
Two souls as one flesh united,
Nevermore to be divided.
Better sign in vain we search
Of the bond twixt Christ and church.

Neither dare we such salvation
From the smallest child withhold,
Since to baptize every nation
Christ His church has firmly told,
Making those who helpless toddle
Of the saved His stated model.
That they may believe and live,
Children, too, to Jesus give!

What is man, eternal Father,
That with him Your son unites?
Son eternal, Jesus, gather
Her in whom Your heart delights
By the water and the Spirit,
By Your lifeblood's perfect merit,
That made blameless, as Your bride
We may evermore abide.

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