Sunday, November 13, 2022

433. Proper 18 (Series B)

The lessons for this service, a Sunday after Trinity during Sept. 4-10, are Isaiah 35:4-7a, James 2:1-10 skipping to 14-18 (the first in a series of four readings from that epistle), and Mark 7:31-37 (optional 24-30). I've previously written a hymn on this Gospel lesson. The tune is THOMISSØN from the Danske Psalmebog (1569), a.k.a. VAEGOV MER, DROTTINN, and not to be confused with OM HIMMERIGES RIGE, which sometimes also goes by THOMISSØN. This tune ELHy paired with "O sing with exultation" and the old American Lutheran Hymnal with "Upon the cross down-lying."

Be strong, you fearful-hearted!
Nor with hot anger burn;
For just as He departed,
The Lord will soon return.
He will make recompense
For all you are enduring,
What ails your body curing,
Much more your mind and sense.

Blind eye He will unburden,
Deaf ear, dumb tongue unbind;
The halt of limb their guerdon
With leaps of joy will find.
For Jesus is the One
In Whom life is created,
All joy is reinstated,
All sorrow comes undone.

What if He calls a river
To spring from thirsty ground?
Will His word not deliver
And desert pools abound?
What if He summons reeds
From out the haunt of jackals?
His word with power crackles,
Surpassing all our needs.

Fear not, but watch, relying
On Him to come and save,
Made righteous by His dying,
And by His rising, brave.
Be watered by His word,
Dry mind and senses quenching
And withered hands uncleanching,
To love of neighbor stirred.

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