Sunday, November 13, 2022

435. Proper 20 (Series B)

The lessons for this service, a Sunday after Trinity during Sept. 18-24, are Jeremiah 11:18-20, James 3:13-4:10 and Mark 9:30-37. The tune is TRISAGION by Henry Smart (1868), which ELHB, ALH, SBH and Australia's LH paired with "Stars of the morning, so gloriously bright." And if you don't think this riff on the Epistle lesson has any application in the church, you've never witnessed an LCMS district or synodical convention, congregational voters' assembly, etc. Goodness! Does that make me sound bitter?

Where is the wisdom that comes from above?
Yea, why does Christian with Christian make war?
Self-seeking envy is pitched against love,
With ev'ry evil the foe has in store.

Are not your battles ignited within?
You lust and covet, yet do not obtain;
Inward desire overflowing to sin,
Fighting, destroying for pleasure and gain.

Yet you have not, because you do not ask;
You ask but get not, for asking awry,
That in your selfish desires you may bask
While you the brethen would fight and deny.

Would you a friend of the present world be,
Yet be preserved when the elements burn?
For this world's friend is the Lord's enemy:
Does not the Spirit with jealousy yearn?

Send Satan fleeing, resisted, denied!
Humble yourself before God; weep and mourn!
Draw near to Him, hearts and hands purified:
He will uplift you as one newly born.

Put aside lying, confusion and pride;
For heav'nly wisdom above all is pure,
Peaceable, meek, setting pretense aside,
Merciful, fruitful, impartial, demure.

Yield to your neighbor; with brethren make peace,
Wherein Christ's wisdom and justice are sown
Till, from earth's envies and warfares released,
In His good time you are called to the throne.

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