Thursday, November 10, 2022

428. Proper 13 (Series B)

The lessons for this service, a Sunday after Trinity during July 31-Aug. 6, are Exodus 16:2-15, Ephesians 4:1-16 and John 6:22-35 – the first installment of a three-week break from Mark's gospel, all from John chapter 6. The tune is AYNHOE by James Nares (†1783) – not the squared-off version which appeared twice in TLH ("Lord of the harvest, hear" and "Soldiers of Christ, arise") but the (I think) more original, triple-time version LHy used with "Soldiers of Christ."

Jesus, the Bread of life
On Whom the faithful feed,
Give us Yourself that we may thrive,
From thirst and hunger freed.

Show us the work of God,
That we in You believe:
Not of our deeds or pious laud,
This freely we receive.

Manna is Yours to give,
Lord Jesus, from above
Sent down that we below may live
In sacrificial love.

This bread, which is Yourself,
Builds in our flesh your realm.
With You in us our daily Help,
No need can overwhelm.

For You now all things fill;
Captivity is bound.
In You, ascended Savior, still
All gifts to men are found.

Thus, let no storm of words
Cast doubt upon Your bread
Where, by the pow'r Your word affords,
The world on You is fed.

Put our complaints away;
From sin so set us free
That all Your gifts may have full play
Till we Your glory see.

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