Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Listen to the Children"

During the late celebration of Earth Day/Week/Month, a notable feature of the all day, every day, every channel coverage of the oncoming environmental apocalypse was the rhetoric of celebrities, news personalities, and pundits telling parents to "listen to their children." The children shall lead, etc. And what the children were saying was that they didn't think the world was going to exist, in an environmentally pleasant way at least, by the time they grew up. Children, carefully groomed and prompted by adults with an axe to grind, were telling adults that if we all start pooping in a bucket, we might just MAYBE avert our planet's doom.

Other sane commentators have already decried the effect of fear tactics on the minds of children. I just have a word to add about the whole "listen to the children" phenomenon: PHOOEY! Nice, kind-hearted parents are expected to buy into it, either because they have a weakness for sentimental tripe or because they aren't as cynical as the ideologues who are using their children as their mouthpiece. But the words "listen to the children" really have a deeper meaning.

The real message to parents is that someone else is forming the minds, opinions, and beliefs of your children. The real meaning of "listen to your children" is that the news and entertainment media have banded together with the public school system to cultivate their worldview in the minds of your kids. They are making sure that they have more influence than you do on their values, their reasoning, and the way they interpret reality. So the real translation of "listen to your children" is: "Listen to us. We control what your kids think. As far as they are concerned, you are wrong and we are right. You're just going to have to do what we tell them to tell you to do, because you can't fight the future."

If there was ever a time to unplug the TV forever, and to start homeschooling your kids, it's now.


Anonymous said...

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RobbieFish said...

Thanks for the handy illustration of the lies, distortions, and whacked-out extremism that give the earth movement its je ne sais quoi. Thanks for coming right out and saying you want to destroy this society. Funnily enough, though, the society you want to destroy has been better for the environment than any other society in history. Go figure.