Friday, November 27, 2015

164. Thanksgiving Hymn

This is a day late, but I was busy celebrating Thanksgiving yesterday! Though Thanksgiving is a public holiday rather than a universally Christian feast, there is a strong tradition at least in American Lutheranism of reading the Gospel for the 14th Sunday after Trinity, Luke 17:11-19, at Thanksgiving services. So I heard it Wednesday night at a "Thanksgiving Eve" Communion service that reminded me what the word "eucharist" means. Here's a hymn I hoped might capture that meaning, set to an original tune titled THANKSGIVING.
Lord, when our voice to You we raise,
To whom belongs all pow’r and praise,
Have mercy on our meanness;
Though one in ten extol Your grace,
Yet pardon our uncleanness!

Good Master, help us when we cry!
Without Your favor we would die,
Were it one hour denied us.
Help us perceive with grateful eye
All that You do provide us!

You give food, clothing, home and wealth,
Mind, body, senses, life and health,
For which we owe thanksgiving.
By serving those in need by stealth,
Make us Your means of giving!

Again have mercy when we fail,
When thankless attitudes prevail,
Our sinfulness forgiving!
Come, Bread of life to bodies frail!
Come, Cup of glad thanksgiving!

A thankful heart in us create,
And dwell in us; rejuvenate
The seed of faith You planted
Till we rise where, in royal state,
Your praise is ever chanted!

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