Sunday, November 15, 2015

159. Hymn for the Circumcision and Name of Jesus

That is the historic name for the mass celebrated Jan. 1, also known as New Years Day, or the eve thereof. Its Epistle is Galatians 3:23-29; its Gospel is the one-verse account of Jesus' circumcision and naming in Luke 2:21. The original tune is titled EIGHTH DAY.
Today we bless the holy name
Of Him who from God’s bosom came:
His name is our salvation.
Before His mother felt the stir
Of that which was conceived in her,
Such office did the Lord confer
Through angel visitation.

Today we praise His infant blood
The eighth day shed, now understood
To bode a new creation.
Here God Himself was placed beneath
A testament requiring death,
That light and life He might bequeath
To His unworthy nation.

Today shows forth all children’s hope,
If eight days brought in Jesus’ scope
A name and circumcision.
Already branded with the mark
Of Abram’s seed, this living ark
Commenced a lonely course and dark
To bring us full provision.

Today the Law asserts a claim
On Him who bore salvation’s name,
On God an obligation;
Now we with eyes of faith may see
How as His heirs we were set free
When, clothed in Him baptismally,
We reaped emancipation.

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