Saturday, November 14, 2015

157. Hymn for the 18th Sunday after Trinity

The Epistle for this Mass is 1 Corinthians 1:4-9 and the Gospel is Matthew 22:34-46. Ordinarily I would try to base a hymn for the day on one of these, but in this instance I felt more like paraphrasing Psalm 122, excerpts of which form much of the Introit and Gradual. The tune I selected is PAA SIT KORS from Hartnack O.K. Zinck's 1801 Koralbog.
Christ, we thank You for each other:
Each dear sister, each dear brother
Gathered in this holy place;
For the saints who walked before us,
For the evidence they bore us
Of Your faithful love and grace!

Lo, how they, our footsteps steering,
Shared the word we so love hearing!
Oh, what blessing is to them!
In Your message, taught exactly,
We ourselves stand, built compactly
Even as Jerusalem.

In Your gospel we find favor,
Covered in the soothing savor
Of Your sacrificial fire.
At the throne of law demanding
David’s Son and Lord is standing,
Bidding guilt and wrath retire.

Lord, Your church’s plea according,
Build its ramparts, peace affording;
Prosper them who know Your love!
For Your church’s sake, or rather
For Your honor, heav’nly Father,
Lead us to the realm above!

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