Saturday, November 14, 2015

158. Hymn for the 19th Sunday after Trinity

The Epistle for this Mass is Ephesians 4:22-28. The Gospel is Matthew 9:1-8, Jesus healing a paralytic. The tune, titled PARRESIA, is one that I wrote today for a very fine baptism hymn by a friend of mine named David. Loath to use a good thing only once...
Jesus, strength of all the living,
By the perishing despised,
Your bold word, our sins forgiving,
Is the gift of all things prized,
Stirring us to show thanksgiving
Who in sin were paralyzed.

Vainly, vainly had we striven
Were we not in You by grace,
Helplessly led on and driven,
Doomed to find no resting place.
Now Your word calls us forgiven,
Children of a favored race.

Lord, lest men deny Your pardon
Is indeed to us applied -
Lest against You they should harden
Even hearts for which You died -
Grow in us, as in a garden,
All the graces You provide!

Raise us, that our mind's renewing
May befit Your holy flock;
That our homeward way pursuing,
We in truth and love might walk;
Thus, at peace with all men, hewing
Unto You, our living Rock!

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