Friday, November 27, 2015

165. Hymn for the 24th Sunday after Trinity

The Epistle for this mass is Colossians 1:9-14. The Gospel is Matthew 9:18-25, where Jesus' raising of the official's dead daughter is interrupted by the healing of a woman with a twelve-year hemorrhage. The tune is MALVERN, from something called The Hallelujah of 1849.
Christ, rise without delay
To touch our woe today
And comfort give,
As at the ruler’s plea
His daughter’s corpse to see
You rose at once, that she
Also might live!

Hear, though a keener need
May check Your answer’s speed;
Help us endure,
As You Your meeting kept
With her who lately slept,
While wounds that twelve years wept
You paused to cure!

We need not stealthy cringe
To touch Your garment’s fringe,
Lord of all grace;
You choose yet surer routes
Whereby we taste Your fruits.
The means You institute
Help us embrace!

Help us regard Your word
As heaven’s pow’r conferred
On heart and ear,
And Your blest sacrament
As You both said and meant:
Your body for us rent
By nail and spear!

Thus as we taste Your cup
And on Your promise sup,
Open our eyes
As once, though people mocked,
You to the dead girl talked;
Death’s dungeon You unlocked,
Bidding her rise.

Likewise our hearts revive,
Lamb slain and yet alive!
And though we die,
Our souls securely keep
And grant our bodies sleep
Till from the grave we leap,
Summoned on high!


Unknown said...

Hi Robin.

I am Lana Melyan, the author of the "Eternity Road." About three weeks ago I came across your website and saw "Ready Player One" book on your 'reading now' list above mine. I never heard about that book before and want to thank you for the tips. I swallowed it. Haven't enjoyed a book so much in ages. So, I am glad I stopped by.

Best wishes


RobbieFish said...

Glad you liked it. Sorry I'm taking so long to finish your book. What with my day job & being in the middle of moving houses, I haven't finished anything but audiobooks for a bit. Soon I will have much more time to read!