Sunday, February 18, 2007


From "Melody Moments"...

We continue our marathon series of Passion hymns by Hallgrim Petursson (1614-74) with this Icelandic masterpiece, translated by C. V. Pilcher. It could be sung to VON GOTT WILL ICH NICHT LASSEN (Lutheran Worship No. 409).

Upon the cross down-lying,
The Lord was crucified;
In haste, kind love defying,
Their task the soldiers plied:
His limbs they stretched amain,
The sacred hands outbending;
His feet the nails were rending:
Dread was that awful pain.

Toward Thy hands upgazing
I whisper evermore,
This agony amazing
For me, for me He bore.
He only thus could right
My hands’ misdeeds appalling;
Cleansed by His blood downfalling,
Behold, my sins are white.

My feet too oft went straying
Down luring paths of sin;
Thy feet, close nailed, are paying
This price God’s grace to win.
Henceforward let me cease
To sing Thy praises never:
Christ, guide my feet forever
Into the way of peace.

IMAGE: Photo by Don Hammdon (CORBIS).

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