Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cords of Love

From "Melody Moments"...
Pray consider yet another Passion hymn by the Icelandic master, Hallgrim Petursson (1614-74), translated by C. V. Pilcher. It could be sung to HERZLICH TUT MICH VERLANGEN (Lutheran Worship No. 113).

God’s Son vile men were binding
That I might go forth free,
By His hard bondage finding
God’s boundless clemency:
On Him harsh fetters, paining
By sorest chafing, lay:
From me sin’s bond enchaining,
Unfastened, fell away.

Lord, let Thy bonds still hold me
In bondage true and pure;
With cords of love enfold me
From this false world’s allure:
Yea, though on earth I tarry,
My spirit, ransomed, free,
Thy gentle yoke would carry,
Thy ready servant be.

IMAGE: Photo by Darren Greenwood (CORBIS).

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