Monday, February 19, 2007

Schubert, 9th Symphony, III. Movement

My Dad says I need to give some "equal time" to my own poetry and hymns. So here's one based on my impressions of the Laendler movement in the Great C Major Symphony. The composer, who never lived to hear the piece played, is pictured at the right.

Filled...beating...surging...I must dance!
O blooming aspiring highlands,
O erring sky-hued streams,
O deepening richer greens,
wine-brown soils,
plummeting graze-runs,
ornamented chaplets astride the plowfurrows,
lacey-wooded chateaux,
many-colored dancing figures,
Alps, villages, eyes, hearts—
I am filled with you!
I am compelled—yes!—
to dance!

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