Sunday, February 18, 2007

And then the Savior turned

From "Melody Moments"...

I found one more Passion hymn by Hallgrim Petursson (1614-74), translated from Icelandic by C. V. Pilcher. It focuses on Peter’s denial and penitence. On request I can provide you with a nice tune called SÆLIR ERU TRÚADIR to go with this text.

And then the Savior turned,
On Peter gazing,
A look divine, and yearned
With love amazing.

Swiftly to Peter’s face
The shame came leaping;
He had denied such grace
And went forth weeping.

Lord Jesus, look on me.
Thy kind face turning;
My soul with agony
Of sin is burning.

The way is long, I find
My weak steps falling:
O turn, to my dark mind
Thy grace recalling.

Oft, oft with contrite eyes
I gaze to heaven;
Then, at Thy look arise
In tears, forgiven.

IMAGE: Guido Reni (ca. 1575-1642). Saint Peter in Tears. Arte & Immagini srl /CORBIS

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