Saturday, January 10, 2009

Minnesota Is...

The news on Minnesota's Senate race is really discouraging. I'm not saying this as a Republican. Heck, I voted as an independent in Minnesota's 1998 gubernatorial election. Yep. Li'l ole me. I helped put Jesse "the Mouth" Ventura in the governor's mansion, though thank God it was as an absentee voter and I never actually had to live in the state during his term. It was painful enough watching my ex-home state become a national joke.

I didn't really vote for Jesse, technically. I voted against Republican Norm Coleman (because I thought he was an aisle-jumping traitor) and Democrat Skip Humphrey (because I thought he was a washed-up, entitled scumbag). I really only meant to throw my vote away because I despised the choices both major parties were offering. The embarrassing results taught me a lesson, a lesson that helped me overcome my gag reflex when I voted for Hillary in last year's presidental primary and for McCain in the election. The lesson: Always vote for the person you would be least disappointed to see win.

Minnesota, on the other hand, hasn't learned its lesson. They kicked out their incumbent senator (Norm Coleman again, poor sap) and replaced him with Al Franken. I kid you not. Another second-class celebrity who should have been laughed off the ballot for sheer hubris gets elected because, by golly, it's a great wheeze. It just goes to show that, although the people there may be "nice," Minnesota is a big fat idiot. Which seems to be the national average these days.


Phil Baker said...

Franken's a bit much, agreed. Hemby: some thoughts on this. The gov manse is one thing; the US Senate is another altogether.

Mind you, Al's going there (we'll assume the recount was straight, as we have no choice), but the stodgy lifers in the senate tend to take care of the eccentrics that weasel their way in. They'll keep him under wraps by piping him down (yet enjoying him at parties) and they'll relagate him to some mundane spot in a meaningless committee.

That, or they'll seat him in a committee run heavy-handedly by a high-seniority honcho accustomed to getting his way. If the honcho needs reinforcements to 'subdue' Mr. Al, then help's around the corner--er, across the aisle.

MN cracks me up. Spent a month on a building project up in Deluth a couple of Novembers ago. 'Bout froze my face off. I STILL have a greyish palor.

Phil Baker said...

A few of your book reviews, more than a few, actually, are exceptional. I've toted copies of them to our book group. Lo, this comment hath nothing whatsoever to MN politics or a bespeckeled macrosephelic senator imposter... have fans. Thanks, and pax

phil baker Alton, IL