Friday, January 20, 2023

494. Proper 24 (Series C)

The lessons for this Sunday (Oct. 16-22) are Genesis 32:22-30, 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 and Luke 18:1-8. The Old Testament lesson, Jacob wrestling with God, is one I've already built a hymn around. The tune is KLEINIG, which I wrote in 2018 for a hymn by John Kleinig (cf. Edifying Hymns). Which, by the way, was reprinted with Dr. Kleinig's permission, along with another hymn of his, both of which were featured in his Concordia Commentary on Hebrews.

Spirit, Who breathed Holy Scripture for teaching,
By it make us wise, yea, fully assured,
Unto salvation through faith in its preaching,
Which Jesus the Word incarnate secured.

By it reprove and correct our behavior;
Instruct us, equip us in righteousness,
Till the appearing of our Judge and Savior,
When living and dead His name shall confess.

Let it be preached in defiance of season;
Convict and rebuke; with patience exhort.
When ears are tuned to men's feelings or reason,
Watch over Your word; uphold us, dear Lord!

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